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Date: 2018-02-15 14:33

I recently helped organize and attended the bachelor party of a friend who is ten years my Junior. I took the opportunity at the sit down dinner portion of the evening to offer a toast to him and to spill some words of wisdom on his upcoming journey.
Needless to say it was a red pill screed. Delivered in a tone that you would expect from Maximus in the movie Gladiator, to a wide array of men from 75 to 55 years old in varying degrees of marriage I laid out the salient points of what he would need to know in the coming years. As it happens he is naturally Alpha but you never know, he could fall into heavy blue pill ways once married.
Upon delivering my sermon I delighted in the variety of reactions from the audience. I presupposed that various manginas present, although few in number would protest at some point and indeed their frowns throughout did not disappoint. However, some of the young men were at first aghast and then curious and then finally rolling in hilarity when I spelled out succinctly how they could maintain a steady supply of satisfying sexual congress from their respective mates and brides. It seems that in an all male context, sufficiently lubricated with alcohol, that men are ready and willing to hear the messages and lessons of the red pill and how it might improve their lives.
For the rest of the evening I had men approaching me asking, 8775 how did you learn all that? 8776 or 8775 I have always sensed this but never been able to put my finger on it 8776 . 8775 Also, my marriage is in a shambles, please help, clearly you have this figured out 8776 .
All of them instantly knew these truths once they were given a voice, all of them recognized their own experiences and all of them welcomed the message I preached that night as it of course had a focus on sexual conquest and delight.
What was funnier however, was that we were in a private courtyard adjoining a restaurant and there inside the restaurant was a *censored* girls stag party, entirely unrelated to our event. Some of the ladies heard tidbits of my speech and came to listen in to these raucous raw unfiltered men and their insights. Some of the ladies were shocked and appalled, others were embarrassed yet intrigued and a few more sheepishly nodded in agreement at a few points. Notably the point that ALL women love a good hard Rogering from their mates that is downright monkey sex.
It gives me hope that so many men are receptive to the message and it was insightful that men in particular are ready to hear the message when they no they are in safe company. It was even better that all of the men present could show mutual support for these ideas.
As for the GMP, well at least those losers leave more real women available in the world for proper men to have their way with, thanks guys for taking yourselves out of the game.

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